Saturday, February 12, 2011

Paper Crane Mobiles

First off, thanks to everyone for the positive feedback and support on my new blog. I really appreciate it! I'm still trying to work out some photography kinks (basically, my apartment is dark, dark, dark) and I'm having trouble getting a great shot of the crane mobiles I've been working on. Here are my first few attempts.

Can't you just see her flying through the trees?
 This one is my favorite. Notice the Bead for Life bead? I love the bright, turquoise loveliness.

 This girl is pretty as well.

What I'm having trouble with is showing you how several of them are attached to a lovely branch so they fly across the opening between my kitchen and dining room. Again, the apartment is dark so I can't seem to catch a good shot of it. But I'm quite pleased with the result. 

I'll be adding these to my etsy shop as single mobiles (to hang from your rear view mirror, as a sun catcher, or in whatever way catches your fancy!) They make me feel happy and peaceful every time I look at them. I'll take as much happy and peaceful in my life as I can get! 

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