Friday, March 16, 2012

Beastybats & Balderdash: Ambassador of Love

He had an important job to do and wore the mantel of responsibility with pride.

"People don't come programmed with your kind of love," the others told him, in the place before now. "Don't try to explain it to them or they'll just get mean. Your only job is to love them."

He didn't know what that meant - getting mean - but he would find out.


And again.

And again, he would love them. For it was an important job and he bore it with pride.

Still, he wished the people would just understand how it all worked, stop making everything so complicated, and let themselves feel what it felt like to love the whole world for a change.

- - -

About Beastybats & Balderdash. Photo by Nguyen-Anh Le. Story by Amanda Amos.

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