Friday, January 20, 2012

Beastybats & Balderdash: Useful Information

Something had gone horribly wrong. Or horribly right.

It was too soon to tell.

Last he remembered, the goblin said I'll give you three wishes and the boy had believed him. He didn't know about tunnels to the Dreamtime. Or changelings in your bed. Or that you must never, ever, under any circumstance, trust a goblin.

All of it would have been useful information, but knowledge like that wandered off ages ago, in the dead of night, before humans realized they might need it some day.  

It's a pity what they don't teach you in those schools of yours, the goblin sighed, leading the boy by the hand.

And the boy, taking in his monstrous, wonderful new world, had to agree.


About Beastybats & Balderdash. Photo by Nguyen-Anh Le. Story by Amanda Amos.


  1. Really good. Hope the comment gets through. Dad.

  2. Thank you, Dad! That means a lot.