Thursday, February 10, 2011

Welcome to my blog!

I've wanted to put this together for a loooooonnnnnggg time but it wasn't until I had a loooooooonnnnnngggg string of sick days (she's finally feeling better) that I had enough time on my hands to finally do it. And I'm so glad I did! In this space I will share my creative projects, inspirations and info on my new etsy shop where you can find my stuff.

The bird, above, was a joint project between Katie and me. While laid up on the couch, we played around with some drawing projects from my very favorite (at the moment) art book: Drawing Lab for Mixed-Media Artists by Carla Sonheim.
My father gave us a wonderful new magazine subscription to Birds & Blooms which became our drawing inspiration for the afternoon. We took out our Sharpies and drew to our hearts content. I loved Katie's drawing of a female sparrow so much, I asked if I could embellish it. I colored it in and collaged the whole thing up to the piece you see above. She's excited to see her art up on the wall and I'm happy to have some new decorations for the apartment!

Thank you for stopping by to check out the site. I hope you'll keep coming back and leave me some comments. I love your feedback!


  1. Great picture! Looks like a cross between folk art and modern art. It's both charming and colorful.

  2. Hey woman! I love to blog too. Unfortunately...i haven't had much time lately!! But I will check on ya from time to time!! Hope you are doing well. I love the art project with Katie's bird. I hope she is feeling lots better! Suzy

  3. Thanks for finding and posting to my blog, Amanda, and now that I know about you, I'll be watching for inspiration. Actually, a spark of creativity has been ignited: you and Katie are making me want to grab my glue stick and folder of tearsheets this weekend to do some long neglected collaging!

  4. I love it, can't wait to see more!