Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rabblerousing Ruth, Mandrakes, and How Not to Cross The Ocean

I've been having fun with public domain images 
over at  Vintage Printables. I decided to attach a quote 
by Tagore to this one. I like it.

Not sure what I'll do with some of these, but they're 
too fantastic not to share.

Those are mandrakes, in case you're wondering.

I just know there's a wonderful story behind this girl in a blue dress.

What's not to like about a kitten in a basket? Nothing, that's what.

And, finally, there's Ruth. I absolutely adore Ruth. If you do not absolutely adore Ruth, well, you're suspicious and I'll find you out. She's incredible. Enough said.

I can't wait to use some of these images in future projects. For the new header to this blog, I used vintage scientific drawings of owls and then played around with the images in Picnik. Katie helped out and assured me the lettering was perfect. Let's just say, the girl has a flair. And don't worry, I'll be back to the essays soon enough, but trying to finish a book is hard and my brain needs a little eye candy from time to time. Just thought I'd share my sweets.

You're welcome.

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  1. Ruth has obviously been practicing yoga!