Saturday, February 19, 2011

There's A Reason They're Antique

It's been a long time since I treated myself to an all-day antique shopping spree and I decided today 
was the day. I hit my favorite spot, The Sleepy Poet, the biggest and best antique mall in Charlotte.
As always, I browsed for hours, finding myself inspired by the colors, novelty, and curiosity of my discoveries. But several items stood out above the others and had me scratching my head.

Like everyone else (right?) I love gnomes. So when I saw this little guy, I headed over 
to check him out. Then I had to ask the question: When did gnomes start wearing suits? 
Seems a tad formal for woodland folk. But maybe that's just me.

I'm pretty sure my parents are glad I missed this hot fashion trend: paper party dresses. 
Why didn't that catch on?
This one seems destined to make a come-back. Just sayin'.
I'm already kicking myself for not buying this. I can't believe I'm denying Katie
the wholesome fun of playing with Pee Wee Herman Colorforms.

There are no words...


  1. had a paperdress in the late sixties , early seventies.. had a short life

  2. hahahaa! i love the paper party dress. reminds me a little of going to the doctor though.

    i LOVE the sleepy poet. LOVE IT.

    (i love the peom below as well. you will have to tell me about this fairy place!! i didn't know such a place existed. i MUST go. soon!)